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         Chubs, male, 2.5 years old, close working dog, whoo broke, holds point, and reposition him-self when the bird moves, holds steady till bird is flushed, Retrives bird to hand 80% of  the time.  he is 43 lbs, and real hunting machine. He has had hundreds of birds killed over him.
        $2500.00 firm.


   Hunter -- does stop and point but is not steady to holding point, has a great noise and a real bird finder. He has been a house dog in the past, love to play fetch with a tennis ball. He is eight-year-old, and 35/bls.

     $1000.00 firm.


     Tippy -- five-years-old, 33/lbs, point bird, not steady to wing and shot, will retrieve a down bird every time. If you shoot the bird to close to where it was flush he will pick the bird up and run a circle out 30 yards, and bring the bird to your hand every time. He has a great noise, and is a bird hunting machine.

    $2500.00 firm.


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