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At Gilmore Brittanys, we know that a good breeding stock of bird hunting dogs will produce the most trainable and skilled hunting offspring. We invite you to have a look at our adult bird dogs which we use for breeding your new puppy. You may view a dog's pedigree by clicking the link located under that dog's photo. If you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact us. We'd be happy to expand your interest in one of our parent dogs.

>>> Fast Eddie - Orange / White Brittany Spaniel.

Fast Eddie or just "Eddie" for short has been with our family for three years. He is a very strong hunter, always eager to flush the birds and participate in a good day of hunting.

Eddie has sired several litters of puppies since he came of breeding age. His fathered litters of puppies have become some of the best bird hunting dogs that their subsequent owners have ever worked with.

When you receive a puppy fathered by Fast Eddie, you'll know that with proper training and dedication, your puppy will become your best hunting partner ever. 30 pounds.

"Fast Eddie"

>>> Gracie - Orange / White Roan Brittany Spaniel.

43 pounds of hunting machine. Close working dog, brings down birds from mouth to hand.

29 FC and NFC dog in a five generation pedigree. This dog is the real deal.


>>> Red Buddy - Orange and White Brittany Spaniel

Son of Fast Eddie. 35LBS, great noise.

Close working gun dog, great pheasant hunting dog. In past litters he has sired tri-color puppies.

"Red Buddy"

>>>Jack White And Orange Brittany Spaniel

In a five generation pedigree, he has 10 Feild Trail, NSTRA and National Feild Trail Champions. He is 45 lbs and is all busness in the feild, close working dog.

Jack pup are people pleasing pups in the feild and the home. D.O.B 05/09/2012 


>>> Sugar - White and Orange Brittany Spaniel

On A Five generation pedigree there are 17 FC, NFC, DC champions. NAFC Rengegades Kanas Kid to NFC Microdt to just name a couple of many.

Her hips are OFC good.

She is a outstanding hunting dog and produce puppies with all the same quality's.


>>> Hope - Liver and White Brittany Spaniel

25 pounds of a hunting machine. She was pointing birds with style at eight weeks of age. She is the granddaughter of Nolens Last Bullet. Many other Field trail + National Field Champs in her back ground. She is a great hunter and love to be with people. Close working dog and is the real deal. 



>>> Margie Tri-color and Female Brittany spaniel

Tri-color female, nice dog that loves people, great hunting dog that just wants to please you . She has a great noise and very steady on point.

She is 42 lbs







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